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Sketchbooks: Stillman and Birn Nova Trio Sketchbook (review)

For a long time, I’d been wanting to experiment with sketching and painting on toned backgrounds, but couldn’t decide which colour to try and was reluctant to buy a sketchbook with a particular paper colour in case I didn’t care … Continue reading

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Field Sketching Kits: Expeditionary Art Pocket Art Toolkit (review)

I watch a lot of art channels on YouTube and recently one of them – Mind of Watercolour – had a review of the Expeditionary Art Toolkit, along with an interview with its creator, Maria Coryell-Martin. I’m always looking for … Continue reading

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Sketchbooks: Stillman & Birn Beta Series Softcover Sketchbook (review)

Since I often don’t get much time to sketch when I’m out and about, I prefer to work in small sketchbooks when I do have the opportunity. As I’ve mentioned previously, I found that the Moleskine sketchbooks – even the … Continue reading

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Sketching Media: Cretacolor Creativo Drawing Set (review)

Though I mostly prefer working in colour, every now and then I go through a phase of feeling that I should practice sketching in monochrome, or at least using limited colours, to improve my drawing skills. When I mention this, … Continue reading

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Subscription Art Supplies: SketchBox January 2018 (review)

Yesterday I reviewed the first of the subscription art supply boxes I ordered in December. Today the second one arrived, so I thought I might as well review it as well. This is a SketchBox and it comes from America. … Continue reading

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Subscription Art Supplies: Scrawlrbox January 2018 (review)

Last month one of my friends sent me a link to a monthly subscription service for art supplies. There are a few of these things around but I decided to try two of them to see what they were like. … Continue reading

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Sketchbooks: Sennelier Watercolour USKbook Urban Sketch Book (review)

I’m always on the lookout for sketchbooks with good quality paper. It’s hard to find many locally, and those that are available are often not cheap. When my friend who works in an art supply shop in Italy posted a … Continue reading

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Sketchbooks: Moleskine Pocket Watercolour Notebook (review)

If you go onto pretty much any sketching forum, you’ll notice that a lot of sketchers use Moleskine sketching journals. I wanted to see what the fuss was about so I bought myself a Moleskine Pocket Watercolour Notebook from The … Continue reading

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Sketching Media: Cretacolor Artists’ Assorted Lead Set and Lead Holder (review)

American art supply retailers often have a “Spend X amount and get X% off” deal, and when my order is almost at the threshold to go up to the next discount bracket, I usually throw in something small just to … Continue reading

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