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Sketchbooks: Sennelier Watercolour USKbook Urban Sketch Book (review)

I’m always on the lookout for sketchbooks with good quality paper. It’s hard to find many locally, and those that are available are often not cheap. When my friend who works in an art supply shop in Italy posted a … Continue reading

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Oil Pastels: Tomato (demonstration)

Time for another art demonstration! Today it’s a drawing of a tomato based on a photo in WetCanvas’s Reference Image Library uploaded by olika. I did this drawing while reviewing the Sennelier oil pastels and since I took progress photos, … Continue reading

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Oil Pastels: Sennelier Oil Pastels (review)

Though I don’t often draw with them, oil pastels are one of my favourite mediums because of how easy they are to layer and blend. Most of the oil pastels I’ve used are in the medium to firm range, but … Continue reading

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Soft Pastels: Sennelier Soft Pastels (review)

At the same time I ordered my Unison soft pastels, I also grabbed some Sennelier half-sticks, since they were one of the brands I’d seen most artists talking about in the soft pastel forums. Here’s the chart for my Sennelier … Continue reading

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Oil Paint: Sennelier Artists’ Oil Paints (review)

I follow a lot of art supply manufacturer pages on Facebook so I can keep up with new products they release or any potential sales or competitions. Recently I saw a post from Sennelier about a number of ‘sample packs’ … Continue reading

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Watercolours: Sennelier Landscape Half-Pan Set (review)

Some time ago I came across a clearance section on an art supplies website that had a number of watercolour sets going cheap as they had been discontinued. One of those sets was the Sennelier Landscape set of 14 half … Continue reading

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Oil Paints: Sennelier Oil Sticks (review)

Many years ago, I’d attempted oil painting a few times with my grandmother, using traditional tube oil paint, but I’d always end up with a migraine after 20 minutes or so. I didn’t know if it was the paint itself … Continue reading

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