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Watercolours: Seascape (demonstration)

Time for another art demonstration! I found an old picture of my Nan and I at the beach many years ago, and while I didn’t want to paint any figures, I thought the beach scene itself was simple yet appealing … Continue reading

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Soft Pastels: Schmincke Soft Pastels (review)

Some time last year, I ordered a few small sets of soft pastels to try, and one of those was the Schmincke set of 15 full-sized sticks. I’d have preferred half sticks as they’re cheaper but unfortunately it seems that Schmincke … Continue reading

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Watercolours: Schmincke Horadam Watercolours (review)

Most of the first watercolours I bought were tubes, but the first artist grade watercolour pan set I bought was a little metal tin with 12 Schmincke Horadam half pans. Half of what drew me to it was the cute … Continue reading

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Watercolour Lightfastness Testing – Part 4 (conclusion)

The lightfastness tests for my watercolours were finished some time ago, but though I removed the charts from the windows, I was unable to scan them because Windows 8 decided it didn’t want to recognise my scanner anymore, and I … Continue reading

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Watercolour Lightfastness Testing – Part 3

When I scanned my watercolour charts after hanging them in my window for four months (see Part 2), only the most fugitive pigments had faded. Now, after eight months, it’s time to see if there’s been any more significant change… … Continue reading

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Watercolour Lightfastness Testing – Part 2

Well, my sheets of watercolour swatches have been in my window for four months now (if you want to see the originals, head to Part 1). Let’s see how they’re going… Yellows and Yellow Earths VERY slight fading noticeable in the … Continue reading

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Watercolour Lightfastness Testing – Part 1

One of the most important things for artists to consider when selecting colours is whether or not the pigments that make up those colours are lightfast. There are many discussions on this topic over at WetCanvas and recently someone came … Continue reading

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