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Sketchbooks: Moleskine Pocket Watercolour Notebook (review)

If you go onto pretty much any sketching forum, you’ll notice that a lot of sketchers use Moleskine sketching journals. I wanted to see what the fuss was about so I bought myself a Moleskine Pocket Watercolour Notebook from The … Continue reading

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Pencils: Bruynzeel Design Colour Pencils (review)

I normally buy my art supplies from the place near my Dad’s work (which is nearly an hour away) or online from Jackson’s in the UK, with occasional forays into the city to buy from the art supply stores there. … Continue reading

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On Art and Entitlement

Here’s a scenario that many artists and other creative people will be all too familiar with: You finish a project you were working on and you’re really proud of how it came out. You’re not sure what you’ll do with … Continue reading

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Soft Pastels: Conté Crayons (review)

I ordered this set of Conté Crayons from Jerry’s Artarama to push my order over the line into the next discount bracket, which effectively made the box free. I thought the little drawer-based box was cute, and as I hadn’t … Continue reading

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Inks: Higgins Drawing Inks (review)

A few months ago I won a mystery box full of art supplies through a giveaway on Grumbacher’s Facebook page. One of the items in the box was a set of four bottles of Higgins Drawing Inks. Having never used … Continue reading

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Oil Pastels: Tomato (demonstration)

Time for another art demonstration! Today it’s a drawing of a tomato based on a photo in WetCanvas’s Reference Image Library uploaded by olika. I did this drawing while reviewing the Sennelier oil pastels and since I took progress photos, … Continue reading

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Oil Pastels: Sennelier Oil Pastels (review)

Though I don’t often draw with them, oil pastels are one of my favourite mediums because of how easy they are to layer and blend. Most of the oil pastels I’ve used are in the medium to firm range, but … Continue reading

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