This page contains some samples of my artwork which I am most pleased with; some are just quick sketches or works in progress, while others are finished pieces.

Still Lifes

cda-supracolor-strawberry winton-oil-painting-vegetables Soho Acrylic Fruit Still Life mission-gold-watercolours-pumpkin-painting coloursoft-blue-bottle-still-life Lukas Gouache painting schmincke-soft-pastel-lilly  Atelier Interactive Acrylic Pottery  CPE OP Bird of Paradise flower lukas-soft-pastel-banana-drawing Winsor Newton Watercolour Marker Fuchsias Cherries DR WC Winsor Newton watercolour painting gqor-wc-fruit-bowl  M Graham watercolour fruit still life

Landscapes and Seascapes

mg-acrylic-mountain-lake   Rembrandt WC Painting   Uluru Art Spectrum Watercolours the-coming-storm-oil-painting Derivan Matisse Structure Wave Painting White Nights Painting Golden Fluid Acrylics painting monument-valley-sunset-acrylic-atc

Birds and Animals

derivan-matisse-flow-acrylic-peacock Sakura Koi watercolour Lorikeet  art-spectrum-soft-pastels-jelly-fish  fox-in-the-snow-wc Derwent Inktense Peacock Kuretake Watercolour Crimson Rosella derwent-artists-ladybug  duck-blockx-watercolour crimson-rosella-watercolour-atc

Folk Art

Winsor and Newton acrylic pansies sennelier-oil-painting-pansy

Fantasy and Horror


Video Game Art


Manga and other Illustrations

Steampunk Pirate Captain watermarked