Below you will find the drawing and painting demonstrations I have done, organised by medium.

Acrylics: Crimson Rosella
Acrylics: Fruit Still Life
Acrylics: Mountain Lake Landscape
Acrylics: Peacock
Acrylics: Snowflakes
Acrylics: Water Lily Reflection

Coloured Pencil
Coloured Pencils: Collie Dog
Coloured Pencils: Glass Bottle Still Life
Coloured Pencils: Scarlet Macaw
Coloured Pencils: Two Cowrie Shells
Coloured Pencils: Vase of Flowers
Coloured Pencils: Violin
Coloured Pencils (watersoluble): Chili Peppers

Gouache: Christmas Puppy

Oil Paint
Oil Paints: Stormy Beach Landscape

Oil Pastels
Oil Pastels: Kingfisher
Oil Pastels: Purple Irises
Oil Pastels: Tomato

Soft Pastels
Soft Pastels: Jellyfish

Watercolours: A Fiery Pair
Watercolours: A Walk in the Autumn Woods
Watercolours: Birches in Autumn
Watercolours: Butterfly on Milkweed
Watercolours: Fruit Bowl Still Life
Watercolours: German Shepherd Profile
Watercolours: Hot Air Balloon
Watercolours: Hummingbird
Watercolours: Orange Slice Still Life
Watercolours: Purple Petunias
Watercolours: Scarlet Silk Rose
Watercolours: Seascape – Reflections on the Shore
Watercolours: Wisterias