Articles, Events and Miscellaneous

Here you will find links to various articles and opinion pieces I’ve written, write-ups of art-related events or workshops I’ve attended and other miscellaneous posts.

Articles and Opinion Pieces
Caring for your Brushes
Choosing Your Palette
Choosing Your Watercolour Palette or Paint Box: Six Things to Consider
Colour Theory
The Controversy of Convenience Colours
Dear Artists: Colouring Books Are Not Your Enemy
Getting Started: Acrylics
Getting Started: Oil Pastels
Getting Started: Soft Pastels
Getting Started: Watercolours
New Art Supply Paralysis
On Art and Entitlement

Alvaro Castagnet Watercolour Workshop – Melbourne Australia 2019
Van Gogh and the Seasons Exhibition
Wayne Clements from Art Studio on Channel 31 – Painting Demonstrations

Ye Olde Oils: Playing with Nan’s Ancient Paint Collection