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Graphite: Derwent Graphitint Paint Pan Set (review)

A couple of years ago, I received one of Derwent’s original Inktense paint pan sets as a gift from a friend who works in an art supply shop in Italy. Recently Derwent released a companion set of 12 more Inktense … Continue reading

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Sketching Media: Cretacolor Creativo Drawing Set (review)

Though I mostly prefer working in colour, every now and then I go through a phase of feeling that I should practice sketching in monochrome, or at least using limited colours, to improve my drawing skills. When I mention this, … Continue reading

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Sketching Media: Cretacolor Artists’ Assorted Lead Set and Lead Holder (review)

American art supply retailers often have a “Spend X amount and get X% off” deal, and when my order is almost at the threshold to go up to the next discount bracket, I usually throw in something small just to … Continue reading

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