Art Roundup: November 2019

It’s been a while since I did an Art Roundup post, but I finally have a new painting that wasn’t part of a review or demonstration, so I thought it was time I did another one. There’s only one painting for this post, and technically I finished it in December, but I started it in November.

Chonky Pie – Winsor & Newton Watercolours
One good thing about being forced to discontinue my PhD is that now I have all the time in the world to play video games without feeling guilty. Lately I’ve been playing Pokemon Shield on Nintendo Switch, and while there are a lot of hits and misses with the new Pokemon designs, one of my favourites is Appletun, a dual Grass and Dragon type*. I wanted to practice my watercolour painting since I’m a bit rusty and I’m going to a workshop later this month, so I thought I’d paint this little chap.

That’s it for November. Hopefully I’ll have a few more drawings or paintings to post at the end of December.

*It has a high Special Attack stat but its Speed is terrible, but it’s just so cute I still had to have one in my team.

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