Skyscape Baubles: Starry Mountains

Time for the third in my Skyscape Baubles series! I’m having fun painting these, as well as finding them nice and relaxing after a day of stressing over research-related stuff.

Starry Mountains
The third in my Skyscape Baubles series is Starry Mountains. I’ve seen the starry sky motif on a few different things lately, from leggings to pencil cases, and after randomly browsing various photos of different coloured nebulae, I thought the subtle and beautiful colours would lend themselves well to watercolours. I also thought the pale blues and dark greys of a mountain would suit the deep blue-black of the night sky. The small stars were painted by splattering white gouache, with the larger ones having more detail added with a fine brush.

“Starry Mountains”. Schmincke watercolours and Art Spectrum Gouache.

Hope you liked my third Skyscape Bauble painting. I’m hoping to add more to my blog soon. This design (along with my other Skyscape Baubles) are also available on my Society6 store.

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