Skyscape Baubles: Desert Sunrise

Since my Aurora Forest Skyscape Bauble got a pretty good reception, I was eager to keep painting more pictures in the series, especially since they’re quite small and easy for me to actually finish (which is good for my reduced attention span at the moment thanks to our boisterous puppy).

Desert Sunrise
I wanted to do something brighter and lighter as a change from the dark colours I used in my first bauble, so I decided the mellow tones of a sunrise would be interesting to do. Some time last year I tried to do a desert painting in acrylics, and while the painting failed, I still liked the colours, so I used the same soft purples, blues and pinks for the sky, as well as the brighter yellows and oranges for the sunlit horizon. The ground was done in three layers, with each successive layer being darker as it got closer to the camera. I wasn’t aiming to replicate any particular desert but I’ve always liked the beautiful rock structures in Monument Valley so I put in a rough imitation of one, along with a few cacti and scraggly shrubs.

“Desert Sunrise”. Schmincke watercolours.

Keep an eye on my blog for more Skyscape Baubles in the future. In the mean time, you can get this design and others on my Society6 store.

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