Skyscape Baubles: Aurora Forest

After not drawing or painting much for a few months because of uni commitments, I got out my watercolours and spent an evening just mucking around to see what I could come up with. Many of my efforts resulted in work that went straight in the recycling bin, but after a while, I decided to get out the packet of handmade watercolour paper my friend had sent to me from Italy. I had seen a few different paintings on Instagram where the artist had painted a landscape or skyscape within a circle, so I thought I’d have a go at one. I was quite happy with how it turned out, and figured I had enough ideas (and enough of the handmade watercolour paper) for other similar paintings to turn it into a series.

Aurora Forest
The first in my Skyscape Bauble series is an Aurora Borealis. I wanted to do something with green in it as I found that I hadn’t used that colour much in my set, and I’d caught bits and pieces of the northern lights in some nature documentary Dad was watching on TV. Earlier in the day I’d also watched an artist on YouTube paint some pine trees, and though they were more detailed than what I ended up painting, I felt the dark, angular shapes of these trees would go well with the ethereal background of the Aurora Borealis. I think I overworked some parts of the green lights but it turned out well enough; someone has already called dibs on buying the painting.

“Aurora Forest”. Schmincke watercolours.

That’s the first of my Skyscape Baubles. Keep an eye on my blog for more, as I’ll be posting each new one under the same tag as I paint them. You can get this design (as well as other paintings I’ve done) on my Society6 store as prints or on various products.

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1 Response to Skyscape Baubles: Aurora Forest

  1. kirsten fernandez says:

    these landscape paintings are beautiful r.j. and i wish you would do more! i love them


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