Wayne Clements from Art Studio on Channel 31 – Painting Demonstrations

Every Monday afternoon I like to park myself in front of the TV after finishing my uni work to watch some art shows on Channel 31. One of these shows is Art Studio, hosted by Wayne Clements. Though he paints various subjects, on the show he usually tends to paint landscapes, and I love his use of bright colours, which lend many of his fairly realistic landscapes a slight fantastical air.

One of the recent episodes advertised his upcoming appearances, one of which happened to be at my local shopping centre. I often go there for lunch anyway so I went along to his Monday session, as well as briefly dropping in on Wednesday on my way home from uni.

Wayne spends about a week in each location, doing demonstrations from Monday to Saturday with an auction on the Saturday, as well as a raffle with the main prize being the winner’s choice of painting. I had a ticket for the raffle but sadly didn’t win (no surprises there) and I was outbid on the painting I wanted. Still, I did have the opportunity to wander around and look at all the paintings he had done during the week, and I would have been hard pressed to pick just one painting if I had one the raffle; as well as some gorgeous landscapes, there were a few more whimsical works as well. My favourites included an impressionist painting of a woman walking her dog through a rainy city, a white horse grazing under a jacaranda tree and a little waterfall deep inside a rainforest.

To see if he’s coming to a shopping centre near you, check out his website. The proceeds for the raffle and sales of his paintings go to RACQ Careflight Rescue and there’s a huge variety of subject matter in his paintings, so it’s worth going along if he’s doing demonstrations nearby.

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2 Responses to Wayne Clements from Art Studio on Channel 31 – Painting Demonstrations

  1. Inga Roffey says:

    LovE seeing Wayne’s work he has a good technique on many subjects, I would love to get back to drawing and painting but have been ill and have lost my legs so am learning to walk it is taking a big effort as I am 83 years young. But I live in hope that I will succeed in waking & painting before I pass away.


    • artdragon86 says:

      I wish you best of luck for both goals 🙂 I hope you do manage to find some time to paint again, even if just occasionally, as it brings such joy to one’s life.


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