Canvas: Eraldo di Paolo Canvas Pads (review)

Though I tend to buy most of my practice art supplies from one of the cheap junk shops in my town (which mostly sell Mont Marte art supplies), occasionally I’ll drop into the Riot Art and Craft at a nearby shopping centre if I happen to be near it when I realise I have/am about to run out of something (I don’t generally go there since their range is now even smaller than it was a few years ago and all their prices have a ridiculous markup even compared to other Australian art supply retailers).


Eraldo di Paolo offers a big A2 sized canvas pad which you can’t get in the Mont Marte canvas pad selection, but they don’t seem to have a small A5 option. Like the Mont Marte pads, you get ten sheets of canvas per pad, but these ones are only 250gsm (instead of 280), though it seems to make little difference. I felt that the texture on the Eraldo di Paolo was slightly less rough, but again, the difference is negligible. At $17 for the A4 pads, these ones are also far more expensive than Mont Marte (almost three times the price), and I can’t see anything that actually justifies this extra cost (maybe they’re cheaper from non-Riot sources but so far they’re the only store I’ve seen selling them).

That said, they are still a good option for practicing acrylic and oil painting. They are triple gesso primed but I’d still give it another coat of your favourite gesso just to reduce the bleed-through of oil if you use oil paints. If you can get Mont Marte canvas pads, I think you’re better off with those simply for the cost factor, but Eraldo di Paolo canvas pads are still perfectly suitable.

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  1. Hi. One thing that I did notice about these canvas pads is that they are listed as 100% cotton canvas pads and acid free. I will be


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