Pick of the Palette: November 2016

I often come across really cool creative things on the Internet, and though I post them on my social media pages, they usually get lost in my timeline after a day or so. I thought it would be nice to keep a more permanent collection of the various gems I find, rather than let them drift away into the ether. With that in mind, welcome to my first Pick of the Palette!

Though my blog mostly focuses on illustration and fine art, these round-ups posts will also include various forms of art, from sculpture and photography to animation or performance art. I’ll also post articles that may not focus on art directly but are still interesting from an art perspective. I don’t know how regular these posts will be but I figured it’d be nice to have the odd post that’s a bit different from my usual reviews and articles.

  1. Freckled Sky – Dance, Lighting and Water
    Dance acts generally don’t do much to inspire me, but this one is something else (the actual act starts at 2.15 for those who want to skip the filler stuff).
  2. Japanese Candy Crafting
    The art of Amezaiku – or Japanese candy crafting – dates back hundreds of years but now there are only a couple of practitioners in Tokyo; Shinri Tezuka is one of those few. The beautiful little candy goldfish and horses and other creatures almost look like blown glass sculptures.
  3. Paint Colours Being Mixed
    Does what it says on the tin, basically. A collection of relaxing videos of different colours being mixed.
  4. Colour Perception Based on Language
    Most of us think perception of colours is a fixed thing, in that everyone who looks at a particular colour will see the same colour. In reality, our perception of colour is heavily based on language; if we don’t have a word for a colour, we can’t separate that colour from other colours. This article includes the example of the Himba tribe in Namibia, who have different words for colours that look the same to westerners, but are unable to distinguish between blues and greens that westerners can easily tell apart.
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