Watercolours: MaimeriBlu Watercolours (review)

A while ago I ordered two tubes of MaimeriBlu watercolours to qualify for a discount on an order I was making online (it was one of those ‘spend more than $X and get 20% off” things). One tube – Hooker’s Green – had a weird, gritty texture, almost as if dirt had been mixed into the paint (I later found out from other artists on a forum there had been a manufacturing issue and a whole batch of this colour was contaminated in the same way), and though I was able to get it refunded, I never ended up doing much with the Burnt Umber tube I’d got. I recently came across a seller on eBay making half pans from their tubes of paint, so I got another few MaimeriBlu colours to give the line a second chance.

Maimeri Blu WC Tube and Pans

Here’s my colour chart for my four colours.

Maimeri Blu watercolour chart

The lighting isn’t great in the photo of my colour chart, but the colours are clear and vibrant, and the ones I have chosen are nice and transparent. Aside from the faulty tube of Hooker’s Green I got many years ago, the other colours I’ve tried all seem to be fairly consistent, and it is just as easy to get strong colours when using the dried tube paint out of the pans as it is when using paint fresh from the tube. Ultramarine granulated nicely – as this pigment should – and the paints in general spread out well when used wet-in-wet. They were also easy to lift out by applying a bit of water and dabbing the area with a tissue.

Ranging from $10 to $30 for a 15ml tube, the Maimeri Blu watercolours are in the mid- to high price range for watercolour tubes. This means that if you’re buying series 1 and 2 colours, it won’t break the bank, but $30 for a tube of anything seems exorbitant (except for perhaps the Daniel Smith gemstone colours, and even some of those aren’t worth it).

Here’s a little painting I did with my Maimeri Blu watercolours.

Maimeri Blu watercolour fruit still life

Maimeri Blu watercolours are a solid choice, though whether or not they are worth buying will depend on the price of other watercolour brands available where you live. I would, however, recommend that you buy the series 3 and 4 colours in other brands, as the $30 price tag on some of the Maimeri Blu tubes isn’t really justified when you can get the same colours from other manufacturers for much less.

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3 Responses to Watercolours: MaimeriBlu Watercolours (review)

  1. Marianna P. says:

    Here in Rome, Italy, a Maimeri Blu 15ml watercolor tube costs 3 euros. So here are quite cheap for their quality, unfortunately, the price you got it is very very high.


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