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Acrylics: Winsor and Newton Artists’ Acrylics (review)

A few years back, Winsor & Newton ran a few competitions on their Twitter page, where Twitter users could answer certain questions to be in with a chance to win some of Winsor & Newton’s artist materials. I was lucky … Continue reading

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Solvents: Zest-It (review)

After abandoning oil painting in my mid-teens because of the crippling migraines I got from the solvents required to thin and dilute oil paints (even in well-ventilated areas and after only 20 minutes or so), I figured that oil painting was … Continue reading

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Brushes: Creative Mark Beste Brushes (review)

When I first started painting, I didn’t want to spend a lot on brushes, so I kept an eye out for low-priced packets with 5-6 different brushes. Among the first sets I got were the Creative Mark Beste synthetic brushes … Continue reading

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Watercolours: MaimeriBlu Watercolours (review)

A while ago I ordered two tubes of MaimeriBlu watercolours to qualify for a discount on an order I was making online (it was one of those ‘spend more than $X and get 20% off” things). One tube – Hooker’s … Continue reading

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Soft Pastels: SoHo Urban Artist Soft Pastels (review)

One of the many bargain art supply products I bought from Jerry’s Artarama when our dollar was good was this set of SoHo Urban Artist soft pastels. They had smaller sets as well, but given this set of 120 colours … Continue reading

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Watercolours: Winsor & Newton Artists’ Watercolours (review)

When I was starting out in watercolours, many of the instruction books I was reading discussed Winsor & Newton watercolours. My grandmother had always used their oil paints so I grew up being familiar with the brand, and the fact … Continue reading

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Paper: Canson Mi-Teintes Pastel Paper (review)

When the campus bookshop at uni was clearing out some old paper and drawing pads, I picked up a pad of Canson’s Mi-Teintes pastel paper. Nearly every online art supply store I visit carries it, so I figured it must … Continue reading

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