Acrylics: Golden Heavy Body Acrylics (review)

While browsing the clearance section of an online art supplier a while ago, I discovered some promotional packs of Golden Heavy Body acrylics. As the tubes in the triads were only 22ml, they were much cheaper than the standard sized tubes, which are quite expensive compared to tubes of the same size in other brands (starting at just under $10 for a 59ml tube). There were three triads available (a red one, a blue one and a yellow one) and I chose the Uncommon Blues one since the colours looked the most different compared to other paints I already owned.

Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Tubes

Like the Golden Fluid acrylics I reviewed not long ago, these have a swatch of paint on the tubes over some black bars, showing the opacity and the colour. The pigment concentration in the paint was high, though Smalt Hue seemed a bit weak compared to the others; then again, this seems to be a more subtle pigment in general. They are very thick paints, which makes them particularly good if you like to paint with a palette knife or use heavy, impasto techniques.

Though they are lovely to use straight from the tubes, Golden Heavy Body acrylics seemed reluctant to be thinned down with water. While most other acrylics I’ve used – even other heavy body acrylics – easily dissolve into an ink like consistency when mixed with water, the Golden Heavy Body acrylics turned into a lumpy mush that took a great deal of mashing with my brush before I ended up with a uniform consistency.

Here is a little winter painting I did with the Golden Heavy Body acrylics (I also used a little Titanium White from the Matisse Structure line).

GHB Acrylic Snowflake Painting

While I’m not sure the significantly higher price is justified, these are very high quality acrylics perfect for thick, structured applications, but not the best if you’re planning to use them thinned for more watery applications. For my snowflake painting demonstration, click here.

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