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Watercolours: Lukas 1862 Watercolours (review)

One of the many purchases I made from Jerry’s Artarama back when the Australian dollar was high was the 48 half-pan set of German-made Lukas 1862 watercolours. Though they are artist grade, at the time they were significantly cheaper than … Continue reading

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Acrylics: Golden Heavy Body Acrylics (review)

While browsing the clearance section of an online art supplier a while ago, I discovered some promotional packs of Golden Heavy Body acrylics. As the tubes in the triads were only 22ml, they were much cheaper than the standard sized … Continue reading

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Gouache: Lukas Gouache (review)

One of the many art supply products I ordered from Jerry’s Artarama when the Australian dollar was high was a set of Lukas gouache. I bought it quite a few years ago but recently dug it out again while organising … Continue reading

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Paper: Mont Marte Watercolour Pads (review)

When I first started out in watercolours, I bought a bunch of cheap drawing sketchbooks (with about 160gsm paper) because I was reluctant to buy expensive paper while I was still learning. All the paintings I did on this paper … Continue reading

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Watercolours: St Petersburg White Nights (review)

A month or two ago a set of expensive pastels and pastel pencils came up for sale on an art supply website for a discount as it was on clearance. When I bought it, I decided I might as well … Continue reading

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Choosing Your Palette

With many art supply manufacturers boasting upwards of 100 colours in their ranges, it can be difficult for a beginner to any medium to decide what colours they should buy. How do you pick just one yellow or one blue … Continue reading

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