Traditional vs Digital Art

On Twitter I follow and am followed by a number of artists who often share examples of their work (whether completed or in progress). One thing I noticed recently is that the vast majority of work shared by people I know on Twitter is digital art (either 3D art, pixel art or art drawn in Photoshop/Illustrator/other similar programs with the use of a tablet).

Though I’ve dabbled in digital art, I’ve always been far happier using traditional mediums in my work. Partially because I find it easier/more intuitive, but I also just love the tactile nature of it. I like mixing paint and slathering it onto a canvas with a brush. I like scribbling layer after layer of pastel and then gently rubbing it or brushing it with my finger to blend the colours. (I also like buying art supplies, but that’s another story) Even when something I’m drawing or painting doesn’t turn out how I want it to, I still find the physical process of playing with colour enjoyable and relaxing. I also enjoy the smell of some art supplies (I am not weird. DON’T JUDGE ME) that fills the room while I’m working.

At the moment I’m running a poll over on Twitter to see what mediums my followers over there prefer, and I thought it’d be interesting to run a similar poll here on my blog. So far most of the respondents have been digital artists, with some saying they don’t have the physical space for traditional media, and others saying digital media is just easier for them. I suppose a lot of it would also depend on the purpose of your art; one artist’s end goal of exhibiting in a local art show is quite different to another artist’s goal of designing art or graphics for a video game, for example.

So, are you a traditional artist, or a digital artist? Or a bit of both? Vote in my blog poll and let me know which you prefer and why in the comments!

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