Gouache: Turner Acryl Gouache (review)

Back during the glorious couple of years when the Australian dollar was strong against the American dollar, I used to buy art supplies from US stores every now and then, as even with shipping, it often worked out cheaper than if I bought the same items here (if they were available here at all). One of my orders came with a sample triad of Turner Acryl Gouache.

Turner Gouache Tubes
I found these again the other day while digging through my cupboard, and though I’ve never really done much with gouache, I thought I’d see what they were like.

Turner Gouache Colour Chart Wheel
Gouache is almost like a cross between watercolour and acrylic, with the thinness and rewettability of the former and the opacity of the latter. It also has more of a matte finish than acrylics, which usually have at least some gloss. The Turner gouache shares these attributes, and the three colours I was given are vivid and well balanced, allowing for most colours I need to be mixed (a white would have been useful but they were free so I can’t complain haha). They can be thinned down to a pale, watercolour-esque wash with a lot of water, while using just a little water will give you a nice, mostly opaque inky wash.

Different brands of gouache vary in how well they can be rewetted or reactivated, but this is where I think the name ‘acrylic gouache’ is somewhat misleading. The Turner gouache can sort of be reactivated if it was a thin wash allowed to dry in the palette, but it’s a bit gritty. However I found that if I had thicker blobs that had been allowed to dry, I was better off scraping it off my palette and putting out some fresh paint. After looking into this later on, I discovered that essentially this stuff is actually acrylic paint with a matte texture (it really should have been called ‘matte acrylic’ instead of ‘acrylic gouache’).

I painted a few flowers to give these paints a test drive. Though at this stage I’m relatively new to gouache, I don’t have any complaints about the Turner Acryl Gouache, so if you’re looking to buy some gouache, this Japanese brand is worth looking into.

Turner Gouache Painting Flowers

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1 Response to Gouache: Turner Acryl Gouache (review)

  1. weidox says:

    This gouache is supposed to be non rewetable if I remember right. As name says, acrylic.


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