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Watercolours: Daler-Rowney Artists Watercolours (review)

Travelling between various university campuses for research and teaching purposes can sometimes be a drag, but I can usually find something good about each one. For my ‘base’ campus, it’s the fact that the bookshop also sells art supplies. Though … Continue reading

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Dear Artists: Colouring Books Are Not Your Enemy

The internet is full of people doing Not Cool things, and one thing that falls into that category that I’ve observed recently is the trend of some artists and illustrators making fun of or attacking other adults who enjoy colouring … Continue reading

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Canvas: Mont Marte Canvas Pads (review)

After spending money on brushes and paints, a beginner might feel daunted by the prospect of having to shell out for canvas panels as well. Luckily, some manufacturers sell primed canvas sheets in pads, which are usually more cost-effective to … Continue reading

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Coloured Pencils: Derwent Signature Pencils (review)

While browsing eBay a while ago, I came across someone selling a box of Derwent Signature pencils. Though I’d been using Derwent products for a long time, I had never heard of the Signature range, so I did some investigating … Continue reading

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Watercolours: Sennelier Landscape Half-Pan Set (review)

Some time ago I came across a clearance section on an art supplies website that had a number of watercolour sets going cheap as they had been discontinued. One of those sets was the Sennelier Landscape set of 14 half … Continue reading

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Boxes and Palettes: Daniel Smith Watercolour Boxes (review)

One of the most important tools a watercolour artist can have is their watercolour box or palette. There is a huge variety of boxes and palettes available, and every artist will have their own preference depending on how many colours … Continue reading

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Gouache: Turner Acryl Gouache (review)

Back during the glorious couple of years when the Australian dollar was strong against the American dollar, I used to buy art supplies from US stores every now and then, as even with shipping, it often worked out cheaper than … Continue reading

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Watercolours: Rembrandt (review)

A while ago I had a voucher to use up for Jackson’s UK (online art supplier who I’ve often purchased from) and though I didn’t really NEED more watercolours, I decided I’d try the Rembrandt colours, which were fairly cheap. … Continue reading

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