Cases: Jackson’s Brush Cases (review)

For as long as I recall, I’d never had any real organisational system for my paint brushes, aside from shoving them all into a large pencil case and then having to dig through and separate them whenever I wanted a particular selection. Most cases I’d seen in local stores were either ridiculously expensive or were designed to only hold a small handful of brushes. I came across the Jackson’s brush cases while browsing their site and since they were only $5-8AUD each (I think they’ve gone up to about $10 now) I thought I might as well give them a try.

Jackson's Brush Case

The cases are available in small and medium and I got one of each; the small is for my watercolour brushes and the medium is for my acrylic brushes. When I got them, I was surprised to find that such cheap cases were of a high quality. They are quite sturdy and can be folded back to stand upright and act as a holder/drying rack for brushes while you’re painting. They’re made out of nylon and have a little drawstring to hold it in position while it’s folded back, so it doesn’t fall over. The elastic is taut enough that your brushes don’t wiggle around when you’re travelling, but not so taut that getting brushes out is difficult.

I am very happy with these cases, and when my Nan saw mine, she liked them so much I ended up buying one for her as well. It’s well worth adding one of these cases to your order next time you stock up at Jackson’s UK.

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